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Initializing stage: x file: /preview/stock-footage-young-man-offers-using-condom-before-having- keez.info4 autoplay: true preload: none isvideo: true smoothing: false timerrate: displayState: false keez.infoble: true ExternalInterface. Примеры перевода, содержащие „horny girl“ – Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов. However, the anecdote suggests that the church building was small and was raised quickly. As will be seen shortly, the same is suggested in Rimbert's It included much drinking and ritual sex orgies with the slave girl destined to be killed and buried with her owner. The ceremony which took several days climaxed with the.

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However, the anecdote suggests that the church building was small and was raised quickly. As will be seen shortly, the same is suggested in Rimbert's It included much drinking and ritual sex orgies with the slave girl destined to be killed and buried with her owner. The ceremony which took several days climaxed with the.

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Виктор Юрьевич Рогожкин принимает участие в индивидуальной коррекции каждого пациента. Прочесть отзывы о книге Елена Танченко Книга очень помогла в понимании своей жизни. Увидела мир другими глазами - правильными! Если у вас имеются какие либо серьёзные заболевания, мы рекомендуем не заниматься само-коррекциями, а обратиться за помощью к корректору.

Попробуйте сами провести энергоинформационную коррекцию. The System was always in need of a human silliness and stupidity to successfully execute its PI-program. I think that the very grandiose silliness is a humansТ climbing to power and to destruction of other persons.

There are no wars aggressive or, wars emancipatory: So we are personifying ourselves with the casualties, allowing the System to take away a corresponding enormous potential. Without this, the news are unnecessary, in fact.

Some words about so-called "dedovschina" in Russian Army. Different forms of the phenomenon known in psychology as a "pecking order" can be met in different countries, times, social layers, institutions and small societies. Certainly, the brightest manifestation of the phenomenon takes place just in army, and traditional science does not know the causes of the phenomenon. Nevertheless, these are very simple.

And, besides of this, any army is always based on just a cruelty. The System has foreseen everything: As "the person we are talking of ought to astrally emerge beside us", and, as orgasm being the strongest form of a human enio exchange, the astra-mental plane of a female half of a "higher" entity or, at least, of a girl-friend may spontaneously personify itself with the sexual partner Fig. And if a soldier is killed a la guerre comme a la guerrenot only his own information, but also astra-mental plane of a woman personified, are being forcefully Sex Free Hot Xxx through informational fields into his next incarnation.

So the woman may get sick or even come to death. By the way, in bygone days, in theaters, the female roles were being played by castrated males dressed correspondingly in female clothes; and this practice has also assisted the System in its magic programs of personification. The personification of signs of an opposite sex is without fail manifested in many of successive incarnations on both behavioral and physiological levels. Let envisage a brightly expressed case of the astra-mental overlapping Fig.

During its several successive incarnations, the male half of the "higher" entity gained critical volume of female signs. The System may give incarnation to such half of entity several times: Corresponding incarnations are usually a soldier, or, a homosexually-oriented monk Accordingly to the Conservation Law, the process is the same for a female half of the entity. For instance, in corresponding "lesbian" films, the male entity, in its female incarnation, chooses usually as intercourse entourage just alcohol, cigars, trousers suits and alike Upon achieving a critical mark, the astral overlappings become a cause of male entity incarnation in a female physical body and vice versa.

Because of incarnational memory and habits, such "male" being, in this female body, will be fond of women; and, vice versa. As a result of such overlapping, homosexually-oriented men and women are being born. Thus far, a PI-program is in action now on the Earth, as a result of constant wars, astral overlappings, and not-called-for lusts for sexual realizations. But this is only a one-dimensional approachment; Small Girl With Man Sex let take to slightly another point of view.

To have the PI-program run, the System started to cultivate in humanity a greediness, a climbing to power, a desire of devastation of other humans.

Then a monetary system has been palmed off allowing the System to embed ideas of state organization, national and religion contentions, and, in the first instance, idea of army. The planet of Earth has never, in fact, asked anyone to get a protection: In turn, both wars and army everyday life allowed the System to build a basis for full execution of the PI-program, through the use of those astral overlappings.

The side effect of the PI-program is genetic transformations as a result of wounds. Concerning a church as a social institution: The church has always been blessing soldiers to kill people similar to themselves: During rites, the cross being in magic a symbol of a male origin lingam or phallos has always sat on Small Girl With Man Sex ritual table next to a pentagonal star.

Remember an ancient Isis cult: Thousand years have gone since then, but the Isis cult is practically the same. It is sickening to watch in informational fields, how "holy fathers" put boys onto altar by the whole army divisions and sprinkle them with a "holy" water oversaturated with cathode ions of silver. Well, war is prestigious and profitable thing As to the modern Russian army, the System "scenario" has provided death not for each and every soldier; alas, too many dollars were invested into NLP-specialists who programmed the soldiersТ consciousness.

Overseas foodstuff additions have not been, also, got for free, as well as different "amortization expenses". Soldiers who survived in so-called hot points will soon return home and pass zombie programs to next generation. Adding to this, a militia will palm narcotic off to them, and they will go to prisons and camps, "to raise the level of their skill". However, time moves, and, for instance, in our country, the church is now carrying out the corresponding rites secretly and at nights; and rich persons like Boris Berezovski are paying a rite of genitalia sacrifice in territories of ethnoses already circunicised Thus far, the astra-mental overlappings of a male and female origin cause catastrophic consequences in successive incarnations.

Electron spin in an eighth hydrogen link of th genetic unit of DNA has turned back on some degrees, and an earthen resident got antlers and hoofs!. But these things, as well as phalloses cut, or oncology, AIDS, or an A-program, are not still the most frightful ones. The most dangerous situation for earthens is a materialization of those beings " In previous chapters, I have meant already: But we are now able to envisage the issue from a new perspective. To become materialized, the entity has to take into account many factors: I said "probable" because, during our civilization existence, almost every male half of the entities have passed through the Isis magic rite, in the "holy" church, under baptizing and getting a second name: There is not, practically, now on the Earth a single "enio-pure" wo man matrix.

To have a program gained its critical mass, it is necessary, at first, to convey corresponding magic rites on a physical plane; and after this, it only enough to have a thought about it The astral overlappings have also their intermediate forms. These are not so radical like Meet Bill Sex Scene and lesbianity, but, give corresponding patients a lot of trouble as well.

Women of a male astral domination have usually problems to become married. The male origin inside them impels them to be controlling and ruling; so they usually choose husbands of female astral domination signs.

Such couples have usually child-bearing problems: The corresponding she-patients are becoming treated with male hormones made out of dead personsТ glands; and, the he-patients are being treated with the female ones.

Thereby a further increasing of opposite sex signs is taking place. As a result of such a "treatment", women after a parturition are becoming sharply haired, their voice becomes harsher, and their muscle mass becomes increased.

In addition to this, during thousands of years, besides of the astral overlappings between men and women, astral planesТ overlappings of humans, animals, and plants used also to take place. And, again, the personification that originally was on a physical plane only, is now enough to be launched from a mentally-verbal level. As I Want To Have Sex For Free, in the history, during a period of great nautical discoveries, ships were of a small carrying capacity; so captains were forced to take into sea a limited body of corresponding provisions.

To prevent a crew from having a scurvy, sheep used to be taken in navigation. Sheep gives, practically, as much milk as a cow, and, a fat concentration in its milk is four times more than in cowsТ one.

And they need meal four times lesser. So there is no secret in that, during a long navigation time, sailors were satisfying their sexual requirements through the use of those very sheep, in parallel with methods described above. Such situation was leading to personification of a female half of a human entity with that of an animal one.

In bygone days, the System was fixing these links on a physical plane, in order to have nowadays a possibility to convey personification on a mentally-verbal plane: The astral overlappings program allowed the System to convey on the Have Sex With Your Girlfriend a lot of main and collateral experiments as a basis for the PI-program.

Many of those experiments led to serious consequences. Due to many different causes, some of dead personsТ low astral plane s could not enter their next incarnation sand, staying on the Earth, may instillate into someone else physical body.

The last one sex and Small Girl With Man Sex of the instillated entity may or, may not co-incide; and the entity usually wants to restore a sexual sign it accustomed to,: Such wo men are correspondingly turning to "transsexual" surgical intervention. If it was "a man" in a female physical body who has turned to, the operation of preparing a penis for him stayed him with a scar on a bottom of the penis. So such scars in general are a reflection of a critical mass achieved now in all modern men genetic code.

The scar is being manifesting itself throughout Horny Mature Women Sex whole Field of Small Girl With Man Sex of the men born both in contemporary times and thousands years way back. The corresponding mark in DNA projects itself not only into a physical plane; on the astra-mental one, a reciprocal degrees turn of male and female halves is also taking place.

This is a cause of opposite desires of men and women both young and aged. While a young man is trembling when only seeing a young girl, the last one is, just at this very time, all searching for a "prince". And inversely, while the aged men become pondered on a sense of life, the aged women become still more interested in sexual interaction. As we can see, the System has tried well; scandals in families, divorces, children soul traumatizations, and so on.

One can watch, in an astral overlappings program, an orange spectrum of energy. This beautiful magic toy has been palmed off by our "brothers in reason", through a number of sorcerers. Carlos Castaneda mentions the spectrum as well. Great is the sorcerersТ silliness: Certainly, the above-mentioned experiments carried out by "our brothers" give now serious sexually-based pathologies like hermaphroditism, pedophilia, and alike.

The time link is, in fact, an abstraction Заказать коррекцию по Skype! Ольга Малахова Viber, WhatsApp. Юлия Абдразакова Viber, WhatsApp.