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Are There Condoms That Make You Last Longer. Hi5 Dating Site!

Benzocaine Condoms Review

We have obviously covered what condoms are and their intended purpose, but what about benzocaine? Benzocaine is simply an anesthetic, although it is primarily used in a medical environment, most notably for activities like relieving ear pain and removing earwax. In essence, it is a substance that gives off a numbing.

7 Jul Pros. They're relatively easy to use. You just put the condom on and then spread the numbing gel over your penis. There's a low risk of transference to your partner. They can be used discreetly. Benzocaine is safe for most people at the concentration that you find in these condoms. This type of condom often contains a form of topical anaesthetic to desensitise the tip of the penis which can help delay ejaculation in some cases. There are also topical anaesthetics available such as EMLA numbing cream, which contain prilocaine and/or lidocaine to help delay ejaculation in men whose ejaculation is . 24 Dec Find out how to make sex last longer. Whether you regularly experience premature ejaculation, a common problem for men, or simply want to make it last. .